Mar 29, 2017

Tortuga - A Caribbean Experience in Katipunan

How can this small neighbourhood be so highly rated? Numerous features on Media sites, high ratings from prominent bloggers, and a stream of praises from popular Instagrammers, is there really something to Tortuga?

It’s not super amazing, it’s just right!

The well curated Caribbean ambiance is detailed to the selection of music, the art pieces, and even the rugged rustic feel of the furniture, it embraces your senses from the moment you step in the shack-like interior. Even the tree that shades the restaurant is no coincidences, the intuitive vision of the owners was what made this their setting.


Everything is Below 200 Pesos!
Their affordable pricing doesn't sacrifice the product quality and portioning, which makes Tortuga a great place to dine for your dime. Skewers are 110 PHP a pair, so stack them up for a good bbq time, but don't forget to pick one of their interesting cocktail drinks for only 95 PHP.


Jamon Croquetas (100 PHP) #REYcommended
Delicate pieces of breadcrumbed fried balls packed with creamy mashed potato and finely cut bits of ham. 

Photo By: Karen Yam of

Awooga Tortilla (110 PHP)

Jamba Gambas (130 PHP)
Peeled shrimps are always a delight, an easy to handle bar chow that's perfect with their selection local selection of cold beer.

Photo By: Karen Yam of

Beef Skewers (110 PHP)
Meaty skewers of beef that's tender and carrying a very familiar taste, a flavour of the home-style bbq.

Shrimp Skewers (110 PHP)


Jerk! Chicken (200 PHP) #REYcommended
This simple dish of chicken fillet won our hearts with its spicy personality, its flavours burst in your throat and quickly fades for another round of excitement. If you have to order one dish, then this is it!

Jungle Pumba (200 PHP)
Pork belly slow-cooked for hours to give you that melt-in-your-mouth experience, its lemongrass infused sauce finishes to a mild spice. It's a dreamy plate of meat, which you won't regret meeting. 

Tortuga’s Kare-Kare (190 PHP)
This dish punctuates my statement on Tortuga's attention to detail. The veggies are cooked well enough to retain freshness, the sauce is about on par with most places, maybe because there isn't enough of it to be enjoyable. The tripe is breaded, then fried and sliced into bite-sized pieces. 

Photo By: Karen Yam of


The Desserts here are designed to shared and as with the rest of the menu, too cheap and again surprisingly good not to have.

Basil Ice Cream (50 PHP)
Their version of Basil ice cream is no less than pure, almost to a pesto sauce like taste. It's not a flavour that most will enjoy, but after awhile you to standard its quirks.

Deep-Fried Ice Cream (85 PHP)
Strawberry ice cream wrapped in a crepe, and then deep-fried lightly to a crisp for that warm and cold dessert feel. Topping this dessert is chocolate rice crisps, chocolate drizzles, and a hallow wafer stick roll.


Cocomo (95 PHP)
This is the drink for the summer season, it's a refreshing pineapple, coconut and rum mix, that gets you hydrated for a relaxing evening. 

Sneaky Tiki (95 PHP)
Don't let its Iced Tea appearance fool you, it's earl-grey base has a little something at the tip of the sip. Sneaky good!


Tortuga Katipunan offers a lot of value for the neighborhood and even for visitors from nearby cities. It's a place to showcase to your friends for drinks and a good meal.

Affordable - Everything is Below 200 pesos
Local Beer Selection 
Curated Ambiance - Good music 

Parking is only available along the street. You can park at the nearby 7-11 or the arcade at corner



42A Esteban Abada Street
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Monday 2:30 PM to 2AM
Tuesday 2:30 PM to 2AM
Wednesday 2:30 PM to 2AM
Thursday 2:30 PM to 2AM
Friday 2:30 PM to 2AM
Saturaday 2:30 PM to 2AM

Facebook: Tortuga

Instagram: @TortugaPH



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