Dec 7, 2017

Jing Ting : Hand Pulled Noodles and Northern Chinese Food

Hand Pulled Noodles

(EATer.PH) The warm flavours of Northern China come to City of Dreams Manila at Jing Ting Restaurant with authentic hand pulled noodles and dumplings as the highlights.

It's amazing to know that China's culinary traditions have been preserved throughout the centuries with each region holding their own distinct flavour. The country's diverse climate, ethnic groups, subcultures, and just its sheer geography allow for many distinctive styles of cooking; however, they can very roughly be divided into Northern and Southern Chinese cuisines.

One major difference between them is that the North heavily relies on wheat, while rice is the staple of the South. Another key difference is that Southern cuisine tends to emphasise the original flavours and aromas of ingredients while Northern cuisine uses more seasonings and spices to develop the characteristics of their dishes.

Crispy Five Spices Eggplant (198 PHP)

It's crispy eggplant with 5 mild spices topped with pork floss to add texture. An excellent appetiser to share while waiting for the noodles as they take some time to be prepared, after all it's made from scratch.

Hand-Pulled Noodles in Beef Broth *sample size

The noodle frenzy has finally matured in Manila with numerous brands making their way to the dining scene, competition for customers get tighter. The market is now shifting to more finer options for their noodle needs. The phrase "Hand Pulled" is now the trend.

 The Beijing Pork "Jiao Zi" Dumplings
(378 PHP -Small Bowl with8 pieces and P 1,260 PHP -  Big Bowl with 30 pieces)

The Poached Pork and Kimchi "Jiao Zi" Dumplings
(378 PHP -Small Bowl with8 pieces and P 1,260 PHP -  Big Bowl with 30 pieces) 

Toasted Bun with Spicy Pork and Peanut (298 PHP)

"Genghis Khan" Roasted Prime Beef Short Ribs (1,380 PHP)

Steamed Molten Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun (288 PHP)


Upper Ground Floor
Aseana Boulevard corner Macapagal Avenue Brgy.Tambo, Paranaque City

Operating Hours :
Daily: 10:00 AM - 4:00 AM

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