Jun 19, 2014

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EATer.PH is an Eaters And Travellers website dedicated in showcasing the Philippines' Food and Hospitality scene. We travel for food and get you the scoop on the latest foodie trends and coolest places to relax.

We're "Gio and Reyjohn" the foodie brothers, we eat our way through the Philippine food scene and beyond. Join us on our journey! 

We love to sleep as much as we eat, but doesn't mean we're lazy, we're just chill, because there's really no need to worry one's life away. But, once we're up and about, we're ready for action. Traversing the busy streets of Metro Manila in search for delicious new places to eat and cool places to relax, because we love to have a good time. We share our honest experiences, because just like you we want to know where's the best places to get the best value. Our holistic approach is flexible to the venue, be it a gritty good place or a shiny palace, we understand and share what makes each concept special, if there's none, then you won't see it here.

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Over the last 2 years we amassed over 50+ Million impressions and 20,000+ followers on Zomato.com alone. Our passion for photos keeps our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram filled with fresh content with new photos posted every few hours. Be part of our journey!

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We love to Eat and Travel around the Philippines and beyond in search for good food to share. Join us on our journey!  Read More...

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